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All spore tests are processed the same day our lab receives them to ensure that results are known as soon as possible. This web site allows all our customers to check the results of their spore tests on a daily basis. All negative spore tests (passed) are recorded, and lab reports are sent out either by fax or mail.

In the event of a positive spore test (failure), the lab performs a Gram stain to validate the result. This is done to verify that the growth was indeed caused by sterilizer malfunction and not from any outside contamination. A confidential phone call is immediately made to notify the customer of the failure and to provide them with technical support per CDC guidelines.

In addition to biologically monitoring sterilizers, Crosstex/SPSmedical also provides facilities with a complete line of sterility assurance products offered through authorized distributors worldwide. The complete Crosstex/SPSmedical line can be seen at www.spsmedical.com.